Who We Are

Welcome to Vaughn Street. It actually is the name of the long, beautiful country road I grew up on. Our family farms were situated along the street outside a little town in Western New York. Vaughn Street is still very much there, but the family farmland has been parceled off, the once glorious and mammoth maple trees mostly cut down by the highway department and the barns and silos collapsed.


I left home years ago. But the time and place I grew up hold deep meaning, and so Vaughn Street seemed a fitting name for the company that exists to help others grow. I decided to do this because of a verse of Scripture: "Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it" (Psalm 127:1).


For over twenty years, successful people were constantly asking me, sometimes insistently, for extensive assistance in furthering their ministries or businesses. After much consideration, prayer, and counsel, I took the plunge and the company was born, as it seemed the Lord was "building the house."


I'm humbled by the clients we've grown to work with, and our team - the best at what they do. It makes for an amazing experience for us all.


And so Vaughn Street is a friendly road you can travel to further you on your journey. It is a place we help today's leading Christian visionaries with the things that really matter: eternal things. If you have been referred to us as most are, or would like to inquire about our services, please contact me. We are very unique and certainly not a perfect fit for everyone, but if you are serious about growing your ministry, we can explore many options. We look forward to hearing from you.



Holt Vaughn

Vaughn Street Residents:

Please note: there are several other Vaughn Street Residents whose names are not listed publicly as they are Senior Executives with top publishing, creative, entertainment consulting or law firms whose privacy we are pleased to honor.

Mike Loomis


Vaughn Street Team Leader, Mike helps leaders and organizations with focus, strategy, ideas, and unique perspective. He has over two decades of real-world experience in business, multimedia, ministry, and music. In addition to his own successful enterprises, he has worked with Holt for over twenty years on a wide variety of projects.


A conversation with Mike can open up whole new avenues for you. In fact, there are over one million books in print containing author appreciation for his help and encouragement.


Samplings of Mike's experience include: Two-time Entrepreneur, Branding, Creative Product Development, Writer, Web Development, Marketing, Pastoral Ministry, Communications, Video, Missions, Music, Conference Speaker.


Mike's successfully traveled many roads, but there's a common theme - helping others get to the next level in their journey.

Erik Ticen


A student of branding and visual storytelling, Erik has spent the last decade architecting media projects for some of the nation's largest non-profit organizations. He is also an accomplished television producer having created award winning documentary programs viewed throughout the world. In addition, Erik has served on the Church Media Committee for the National Religious Broadcasters and has been blessed to conduct several workshops on the topics of telling your story and media production.

Jon La Porta


Jon brings over 12 years of experience as an award-winning designer. A graduate of the prestigious Canisius College earning a Bachelors degree in both Communication Studies and English, Jon has held positions as Creative Director and Senior Manager. Throughout high school and college, Jon was a competitive rower winning several medals and holding titles including MVP and Team Captain. Jon has successfully completed 1000's of corporate and institutional Media projects from Fortune companies to pop stars to ministries. His "big ideas" have lead to many successful products and brands. He is also a Member of the International Academy of the Visual Arts. When Jon is not creating products he enjoys Mountain Biking and has been known to jump out of an airplane.

Scott and Julie Spiewak


Scott and Julie's proficiency in the communications field is wide-ranging, having been in public relations since 1993. They identify relevant news stories for the media through Julie's work in television production with CNN and have extensive PR knowledge in the general consumer and Religious marketplace having managed the Christian Division for the second largest public relations firm in the world (Ruder Finn/Planned TV Arts in New York) and in successfully partnering with clients for the past 10 years. Relevant work experience with non-profits, causes and ministries includes Scott's experience as the Director of Communications and Outreach at Today's Church in Seattle, WA, as well as Product Developer at New Beginnings Christian Center in Portland, OR.


Scott and Julie have handled hundreds of institutional media projects, events and authors for strategic market positioning, branding, and media placement. We've had the privilege of executing successful national communication campaigns and NY Times Bestsellers. Our clients routinely appear on top-rated shows and we are frequently requested by companies to train their internal personnel. Our team approach is known for producing results. More importantly, we are known for how we accomplish our results: with excellence, integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm, and effectiveness.

Andrew Smith


Andy contributes twelve years in the information technology field with experience in the financial, manufacturing, customer relationship management, and e-commerce fields. He has expertise in dealing with both small business needs and large-scale enterprise system development and integration. He has worked with such clients as Microsoft, Kraft Foods, and Philip Morris, among many others. In addition, he has experience with multiple ministry organizations and has been a professional recording engineer, producer, and musician for over twenty years.

Richard VanDette, CPIM


Rick is a magna cum laude graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia, where he earned a BS degree in mathematics. Since that time, he has focused his attention on building a solid technical and business background in order to effectively apply information technology in creating high-quality solutions to business process problems. Rick is an active member of APICS, the American Production and Inventory Control Society, through which he maintains his CPIM certification. He has worked in a number of organizations throughout his career, holding management positions and serving in project management roles for companies large and small. Yet, for all the technology and process improvement activities, Rick's heart continues to be for people as he participates in various church-based ministries, endeavoring to show others the Father through love and good works.

Marietta Vaughn


Marietta Vaughn is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Cazenovia College where she majored in Fashion Design, minored in accounting and received the college award for design excellence. After graduation, Marietta was offered a coveted internship with world famous designer Mary McFadden. Marietta was instead inspired to attend bible school. She graduated and was subsequently employed by a large ministry in the accounting dept. Marietta has since accumulated years of successful experience in her own rite and alongside her husband Holt. Besides working as the Vice President of a multi-media company, she has been a full time church Administrative Pastor and served as a worship leader, guest speaker, and in countless other ministry related roles. Marietta brings two decades of excellence, practical knowledge and a no-nonsense common sense approach to every project she is a part of.

Jennifer Bellanca


Jennifer has been with Eastco Multi Media Solutions, Inc nearly a decade and has handled literally hundreds of full-scale projects and millions of pieces of product of all scopes & sizes. She is currently a corporate Project Manager overseeing all large-scale projects, enthusiastically keeping all team members on time and on budget. In addition to being a seasoned project manager Jennifer also had a background in customer service for a large national retail-chain. For many years Jennifer was a competitive horseback rider and had been studying Veterinary Medicine until we got hold of her.