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eMail Is Not eDead

Have you heard the “Nobody uses email anymore” buzz? I was skeptical, but now I’m convinced that email is far from dead. Check out this chart from E-Media, based on Pew Research data. RSS and social media followers are great, but studies show that “conversion” of these people is more difficult. Check out this link […]

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5 Reasons Why eBooks Will be a Thing of the Past

Everyone knows tablet sales are through the roof and eBook sales are the only thing really saving Barnes and Nobles right now.  My honest opinion though is enhanced eBooks will dominate the book market in less than the next two years. Here is why that will happen.  More and more the multimedia experience is dominating any […]

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Playing the Twitter Numbers Game

Starting to hear rumblings that echo my own questions about the “Twitter Game”. A client recently related that she saw what was going on with the “obligatory retweets and mentions” among her peers. It seemed disingenuous to her, and a disturbing part of “climbing the Christian social ladder.” Let me put it bluntly. Do you […]

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The 4 Elements: How to be Found on the Internet

The internet = lifeline. Are you being found by those who need your message? In my post You Are Not Your Audience I mentioned the huge importance of proper SEO (Search Engine  Optimization) for your all-important website. Here’s more to help you with that. Many today are spammed with glowing promises to drive their website […]

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Data to Consider with E-Book Pricing

Our exclusive development partner for Enhanced E-Books, Vook, recently compiled sales data regarding e-book pricing. With all the new paradigms in the e-book world, and the rapid growth of Enhanced E-Books, it’s crucial to make retail pricing decisions based on facts, not guesswork. Click here to download your free pdf, and let us know what you […]

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Facebook: A Publisher?

In case things were moving too slow for you in the e-publishing world, Facebook just announced that it purchased an enhanced e-book developer, Push Pop Press. Facebook hasn’t released their own App yet, but now they own an App development company – the folks that developed Al Gore’s recent enhanced e-book. Does that mean Facebook […]

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