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Inside The Huffington Post

Getting face to face time with bloggers is always important for book marketing as well as book publicity.  It helps you get to the top of any slush pile which never hurts.  Recently I (Scott) had the opportunity to meet up with several editors from the Huffington Post and walk through their newsroom as well. […]

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5 Reasons Why eBooks Will be a Thing of the Past

Everyone knows tablet sales are through the roof and eBook sales are the only thing really saving Barnes and Nobles right now.  My honest opinion though is enhanced eBooks will dominate the book market in less than the next two years. Here is why that will happen.  More and more the multimedia experience is dominating any […]

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How To Get Your Story In The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, founded in May 2005 as a liberal answer to The Drudge Report, has become one of the largest online news sources in the United States drawing around 25 million visitors per month. Regardless of one’s conservative or liberal stance, many brands, authors, and personalities would love to have 25 million consumers reading […]

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Facebook: A Publisher?

In case things were moving too slow for you in the e-publishing world, Facebook just announced that it purchased an enhanced e-book developer, Push Pop Press. Facebook hasn’t released their own App yet, but now they own an App development company – the folks that developed Al Gore’s recent enhanced e-book. Does that mean Facebook […]

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National Media Attention for Surprised By Love: Our Chat with Two Best-Selling Authors

We’re proud to present an interview with our clients, Dr. Jay and Julie Kent-Ferraro. In addition to creating a book and brand web site, Scott and Julie Spiewak have been working on branding and promotion for their new best selling book, Surprised By Love and have landed this couple on many national media outlets, including […]

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Enhanced eBooks are Gaining Momentum

With the launch of the iPad 2 and several other tablets sales of those technologies will continue to build publishing in many different circles and so will the medium to reach users. Last week’s news of ABC getting involved in video books should come as no surprise to those who follow growing trends in PR […]

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