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Look Who’s Talking!

Besides you, who is talking about your ministry this month? Why should the people on your mailing list share anything from your ministry with a friend or family member? Have you communicated a REASON for talking with others? Have you given them a WAY to share? Or even talked with them ABOUT sharing words of life […]

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Inside The Huffington Post

Getting face to face time with bloggers is always important for book marketing as well as book publicity.  It helps you get to the top of any slush pile which never hurts.  Recently I (Scott) had the opportunity to meet up with several editors from the Huffington Post and walk through their newsroom as well. […]

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How To Get Your Story In The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, founded in May 2005 as a liberal answer to The Drudge Report, has become one of the largest online news sources in the United States drawing around 25 million visitors per month. Regardless of one’s conservative or liberal stance, many brands, authors, and personalities would love to have 25 million consumers reading […]

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The Digital Book Future is Now

The London Book Fair is going on this week and all the chatter is about digital books. More than ever publishers are changing their tactics; dialoguing what works and what doesn’t from app development to author percentages. What caught my eye the most are the comments made about marketing directly to consumers – a key […]

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Rob Bell’s Love Wins – But Do His Interviews Win?

Real Time Media Coaching By now I’m sure you’ve read the controversies surrounding Bell’s new book. I’m not here to debate the theological stance he’s taking like so many other bloggers; I’ll leave that to the scholars and public. What I am interested in is his ability to give a good interview, to clearly articulate […]

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Dani Johnson on ABC’s “The Secret Millionaire”

Grooming the Next Generation for Success was seen last night on ABC’s new reality show ‘The Secret Millionaire’. It was more than rewarding to see Dani Johnson on the show having had the pleasure of personally working with her promoting her book and helping her craft her brand message into as many media platforms as […]

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