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Discipline Your Message and Talking Points

I was watching a high-profile national television show recently when the host gave the guest he was interviewing complete control of the interview – a.k.a. a rare break; the reporter asked the guest to tell the audience exactly what they should do in a specific situation. A perfect PR opportunity for this guest to share […]

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Dani Johnson on ABC’s “The Secret Millionaire”

Grooming the Next Generation for Success was seen last night on ABC’s new reality show ‘The Secret Millionaire’. It was more than rewarding to see Dani Johnson on the show having had the pleasure of personally working with her promoting her book and helping her craft her brand message into as many media platforms as […]

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More TV is Viewed Online than on the “Tube”

It was bound to happen any day, so not much shock here… PWC Study: More TV Now Viewed On Computer Than TV I found this finding from the study interesting: “Not surprisingly, the 44 and under crowd do the majority of that digital viewing, but even the 45-59 age group was close to even, with […]

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Landing A Top Rated National Interview

If you have a story you want to tell, you want press. Top rated press. At the end of the day, interviews will help you exponentially reach more people with your message. There are many approaches to landing a national interview; however, there’s one important way that’s discussed less frequently in today’s new media world. […]

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Media Myths Every Ministry Must Bust!

Video rules, especially on the web. Are world class production values even necessary anymore? Is TV a dying medium? Social Media marketing is the magic bullet we’ve been waiting for (or is it?) Fasten your seatbelt. A new year is upon us! To go to the next level, ministries will have to bust some media […]

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Social Marketing Predictions for 2011

The week after Christmas should be called the Week of Lists. The best of 2010. The summaries of 2010. The best lists predicted for 2011. Why do we love lists so much? In the clutter, here’s a comprehensive and valuable list to check out concerning our industry to get you geared up for the next […]

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