Strategic Planning

Our perspective helps you realize your potential by developing strengths and removing obstacles.

This is one of the best written strategic plans I’ve ever read. You obviously spent a lot of time on it. And as I read it, at times I found it very moving as well.

That is what a senior executive at a $100 million ministry said upon reading the strategic plan we’d spent months preparing. And what made his statement particularly meaningful was that he’d come from a successful career as a company builder and CEO of a publicly traded tech company in New York City before taking his current position.

An often-overlooked tool, the ministry strategic plan can make all the difference in your church growth or ministry expansion: What is your church strategy? Where do you really want to go? How are you going to get there? What obstacles do we face? These are some of the things we address with insight and creative ideas.

A comprehensive ministry strategic plan could include such items as: management consulting, phases of implementation, communications plan, web design and new media, public relations and media strategies, video and television, radio, product development, sales, market research, literary and publishing services, branding, donor development and more.

If it sounds like a lot – and it is – yet most growing ministries are involved in many, if not all, of these in one way or another, often without even realizing it.

Bringing it all together into an INTEGRATED STRATEGIC PLAN is a “secret” to successfully elevating and growing your church or ministry in the ways you envision.

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