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The Power of a Brand Video

Last week we had the privilege of helping a client with their brand video. Any time we are launching a new website or building a new brand message we love doing it with a well done video message. Clients rave about going through our branding process…as it ends up being so revolutionary to who they […]

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Speaking Sells Books in the Education Market – by Josh Shipp, Founder of Speaker University

What do John Milton, Fried Twinkies and you have in common?  More than perhaps you’d think. We have the honor today of having a guest blog from our new friend Josh Shipp.  Josh is the founder of Youth Speaker University as well as starring in his own documentary TV series Teen Trouble airing on Lifetime and […]

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Book Marketing Tactics for Quality versus Quantity

Fresh Impact PR Group loves coaching about all things publishing and book marketing. Many times authors will call us from all over the world needing helping taking their messages to the next level and need ideas on how best to reach high visible media exposure. We talk with authors all the time about the best […]

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5 Ways to Sell More Books than Oprah at any Level

Over the years we have had authors on Oprah’s program. While Oprah may be the queen of television, it still takes a village to sell a lot of books. In fact most recently, our client Devon Franklin, the VP of Sony Pictures was featured on Super Soul Sunday. The results to being on the show […]

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The Re-birth of the Author Book Tour – Fansourcing

For years, publishers have been scrambling to keep up with the technology push that is every evolving.  I get roughly one call a month from an author saying, “can you help our book sell more units?” That is the toughest question to answer in this book landscape.  Book marketing is every evolving as much as publishing […]

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Half of Online Americans use the Internet for Religious Purposes

Here’s some new research from Ron Sellers, Many implications, but this again raises the bar for churches and ministries to take a fresh look at their online presence. We all need outside perspective. (Hint, Hint…) A few standouts: · 17% of respondents have visited the website of a church or place of worship they […]

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