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Do “Branding” and “Ministry” Go Together?

Much of our work at Vaughn Street is helping authors and speakers build an authentic personal brand. Branding isn’t a bad word. We define it as simply the public expression of your calling. As one pastor recently told me after reading my book, “We’re the only category of public leader who doesn’t think we have a […]

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Weird Ways to Find Your Writing Voice

We all have a speaking voice – and we all have a writing voice. Whether you’re a bestselling author, new blogger, or send an occasional email, there’s a tone and feel to our written words which goes way beyond the text. In my experience, as an editor and agent, I often coach new authors about […]

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Stop Letting Your Book Boss You Around

Many authors pour all their time and energy into making sure their book, especially first book, is a success. What’s the problem with that, Mike? Well, books come and go.  In five years, this book will be a memory, and at best, a nice backlist title. But if your book doesn’t elevate your platform and […]

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Why LinkedIn for Ministry Leaders?

Why would I ever care about LinkedIn? I hear this a lot. Here’s my basic response to skeptics or newbies: Think of LinkedIn as Facebook without a sense of humor… LINK: I use it to connect (and get on the radar) with potential clients and creative peers. I’ve made some great business connections this way. […]

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2 Communication Keys that Doubled a Church

Years ago, after selling a small business, I took some time off, painted our house, and volunteered time at our church. In three months, by the surprising grace of God, I was the executive pastor, serving 350 people and about 75 volunteers! Two years later, the church attendance doubled to 700. Volunteer involvement doubled as […]

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What’s Your Name Worth?

I just watched interview with multi-bazillion-selling music producer, David Foster. (If you think his music is “schmaltzy”, I agree. But read on anyway…) David tells the story of completing production on one of his first records, and giving a copy to his mentor, Quincy Jones. (triple-multi-bazillion selling music producer) Handing him the record, David says, […]

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