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13 Days before Appearing on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Having our client Devon Franklin appear on Super Soul Sunday is a huge honor.  We have been working with Devon for the last year with the initial launch of his hardcover.  Devon has worked harder than any author we have ever represented in our 13 year history.  To say he has done everything possible is […]

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Discipline Your Message and Talking Points

I was watching a high-profile national television show recently when the host gave the guest he was interviewing complete control of the interview – a.k.a. a rare break; the reporter asked the guest to tell the audience exactly what they should do in a specific situation. A perfect PR opportunity for this guest to share […]

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Rob Bell’s Love Wins – But Do His Interviews Win?

Real Time Media Coaching By now I’m sure you’ve read the controversies surrounding Bell’s new book. I’m not here to debate the theological stance he’s taking like so many other bloggers; I’ll leave that to the scholars and public. What I am interested in is his ability to give a good interview, to clearly articulate […]

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Dani Johnson on ABC’s “The Secret Millionaire”

Grooming the Next Generation for Success was seen last night on ABC’s new reality show ‘The Secret Millionaire’. It was more than rewarding to see Dani Johnson on the show having had the pleasure of personally working with her promoting her book and helping her craft her brand message into as many media platforms as […]

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Marketing Your Book via Web Site

We take a “whole” approach to Public Relations. Rather than relying on only one PR service (i.e. booking interviews), we coordinate multiple PR and marketing services – such as website design, content development, book/video trailers, SEO, social networks, online and digital press, etc. – to help tell the client’s story. Surprised by Love by Dr. […]

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A Simple Tip For Message Preparation

Spend time focusing your message and defining your story when preparing for an interview. What is it you really want to say? What is it people care about? What makes your message newsworthy? I learned a great technique to help you decide your three main message points to communicate: write the headline and the first […]

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