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Why C.S. Lewis Didn’t Write For Christianity Today…a little something you can take away from that.

Sometimes our talents need to shift, to flow in different ways or channels. This little article about Lewis got me to thinking in a slightly different way than the article points, but it works in terms of the need to be able to flow, adapt, shift, communicate to varied and differing audiences, etc. Check out […]

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Technology Can Bring Families Together

The Eastco Group‘s Roy Skoba passed along the following article from the Orlando Sentinel Media Group.  Let us know your thoughts: ————- Technology Brings Families Together While many people blame technology for breaking down the basic family unit,
a recent survey shows us that new technologies are actually bringing  families closer together. Nearly 45% of families said a […]

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A Few Minutes with Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy makes music. Often breathtaking music. A Jesus pioneer, virtuoso, multi-Dove winner and two-time Grammy nom, he’s one of the world’s finest guitarists. Repeatedly voted a top fingerstyle guitarist by Guitar Player Magazine, his career has included over 50 albums. He’s shared the stage with rock stars and performed at Carnegie Hall. And you […]

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It’s True, I Saw it on TV!

A good dad uses video to read to his daughter while deployed in the military. She can hardly tell it’s not daddy. I probably would’ve done the same thing. But it makes me think… Muggeridge talked about it, so did C.S. Lewis and others. The power of the screen to impact us, often long before […]

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Do You Want a Breakthrough or Are You Insane?

Having worked with 100’s of businesses, ministries, writers, artists and musicians I’ve seen my share of discontent and frustration. In fact I’d say most felt under-appreciated, under-rated, underpaid, under-utilized, etc. My question to them is always:  so, what are you doing about that? Most of us have heard this saying:  ‘doing the same thing over […]

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Flames, Shouting and Glaring Lights: If I’m going to be on the Board of a ministry…

…that is the kind I want to be on! Crowds of believer’s singing anthemic Jesus creeds, 40 foot flames, a twirling drum set played by a teenage rocker-girl who loves God’s Word, in a band led by a faithful husband/wife team (doing that in a successful touring band is pretty much unheard of unless…it’s committed […]

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