Stop Letting Your Book Boss You Around

Many authors pour all their time and energy into making sure their book,
especially first book, is a success.

What’s the problem with that, Mike?

Well, books come and go.  In five years, this book will be a memory, and at
best, a nice backlist title. But if your book doesn’t elevate your platform
and strengthen your brand, the priorities are mixed up.

In other words, you can use all your energy, empty your bank of favors, and
tap your network to raise awareness about BUYING this book, OR – use this
book to raise awareness about YOU and elevate your brand influence.

This assumes that the book is aligned with where you WANT your brand to go – (see Does Your Brand Freak You Out)

Your brand is the center of attention – not your book!

Send your book out on an AUTHOR tour – Don’t send yourself out on a book tour.

Send your book out on a secret mission to tell other influencers about YOU!

Don’t focus all your time trying to hook people into buying your book – Send
your book on a mission to hook more people to your voice.

If people are interested in YOU, they are more likely to buy your book (and
connect with you for speaking, paid work, etc.)

After the book celebrates its first birthday, will you be most happy with
book sales, OR how the book grew your platform, influence, and

Book launches are important!  But I’ve seen plenty of authors spend all
their emotional and social capital serving their book, which is but a vapor.
And at the end of it all, they used up all their “asks” – instead of using
it as an opportunity to get to the next level.

Just remember who’s boss…  You!

(Have you felt bossed around by your book? How did you set things right?)

Written by Mike Loomis

Mike Loomis

Vaughn Street Team Leader, Mike helps leaders and organizations with focus, strategy, ideas, and unique perspective. He has over two decades of real-world experience in business, multimedia, ministry, and music. In addition to his own successful enterprises, he has worked with Holt for over twenty years on a wide variety of projects.

As a literary agent, a conversation with Mike can open up whole new avenues for authors. In fact, there are over one million books in print containing author appreciation for his help and encouragement.

Samplings of Mike’s experience include: Two-time Entrepreneur, Branding, Creative Product Development, Literary Agent, Writer, Web Development, Marketing, Pastoral Ministry (Church Growth), Communications, Video, Missions, Music, Conference Speaker.

Mike’s successfully traveled many roads, but there’s a common theme – helping others get to the next level in their journey.

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