Why C.S. Lewis Didn’t Write For Christianity Today…a little something you can take away from that.

Sometimes our talents need to shift, to flow in different ways or channels. This little article about Lewis got me to thinking in a slightly different way than the article points, but it works in terms of the need to be able to flow, adapt, shift, communicate to varied and differing audiences, etc.

Check out the article at the link herein. And here’s my thoughts: With all the near impossible to keep up with communications changes taking place daily, a lot of our clients — even gifted authors and communicators — are not making the grade, not “getting it” when it comes to how to communicate in today’s omni-channel world.

For example – just ‘cause you can preach or write a book doesn’t mean you are a good blogger. Not without some work and research anyway. Just because you are a great performer or musician hardly means you will be great at social media’s many nuances, each of which can play a big part in your destiny in terms of growing an audience. I could go on for hours about this. If you are unsure what “omni-channel” means, or what a “good blogger” looks like…then get to work with all those God-given talents you have, and enjoy the new communications landscape.


Written by Holt Vaughn

Holt Vaughn

Pilgrim, entrepreneur, musician and creative producer, Holt Vaughn is always working on a forward thinking project. He could tell you a cool story about work for a pop superstar who had the top CD, Hollywood movie, and Billboard single. Or his contribution to an Amazon best-selling book involving a well-known business guru. As a young pastor he helped plant two churches, later being retained to write and develop Bible curricula and devotionals for several best-selling authors. He’s also served some of the world’s largest Faith-Based organizations, providing Strategic and Organizational Development and Management Consulting.

At age twenty-three, with about two hundred dollars, he founded what would grow into a group of successful media and marketing communications companies. As President of The Eastco Group, Holt has overseen countless media & marketing communications projects for small business, Fortune companies, rock & pop stars, NY Times best-selling authors and leading not-for-profits. As a singer-songwriter and lead guitarist he has recorded albums with guest GRAMMY and Dove Award musicians and his California Road Studios were classed by Mix Magazine among the world’s hottest new recording studios.

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