The Re-birth of the Author Book Tour – Fansourcing

For years, publishers have been scrambling to keep up with the technology push that is every evolving.  I get roughly one call a month from an author saying, “can you help our book sell more units?” That is the toughest question to answer in this book landscape.  Book marketing is every evolving as much as publishing and public relations are changing.  We encourage authors to think of your book as your brand as most authors become known for the first book.  You can not count on one single marketing technique to carry the load including social media.  All the pieces of the pie have to be pushing and working cohesively together.

I stumbled across a new site called Togather which allows authors to create an account and let’s fans source and fund your book tour.  Really smart idea! Essentially the same way Kickstarter allows non profits to be funded Togather allows authors to be funded.

Book publishing is far from dead however the way it is done is no doubt becoming a fast, quick race to finish line.


Written by Scott Spiewak

Scott Spiewak

Scott and Julie have handled hundreds of institutional media projects, events and authors for strategic market positioning, branding, and media placement. They’ve had the privilege of executing successful national communication campaigns and NY Times Bestsellers. Their clients routinely appear on top-rated shows. Our team approach is known for producing results. More importantly, we are known for how we accomplish our results: with excellence, integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm, and effectiveness.

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