Does Your Brand Freak You Out?

Or are you comfortable with your brand?

Yeah, I know the word “brand” means different things to different people. But for this discussion, let’s say brand = logo, photo, and web site.

If someone handed you the keys to a new Bentley automobile or a seaside villa, how would you feel when you walked up to unlock the door?

“This is way above me…”

“Is this really MINE?”

A bit “freaked out”, right?

Compare that to your impressions when you look at your web site.  Does it reflect where you’ve BEEN? Or where you’re GOING?

That’s the difference with people (and brands) who get to the next level.   Be willing to look ahead and take the limits off your brand.


Written by Mike Loomis

Mike Loomis

Vaughn Street Team Leader, Mike helps leaders and organizations with focus, strategy, ideas, and unique perspective. He has over two decades of real-world experience in business, multimedia, ministry, and music. In addition to his own successful enterprises, he has worked with Holt for over twenty years on a wide variety of projects.

As a literary agent, a conversation with Mike can open up whole new avenues for authors. In fact, there are over one million books in print containing author appreciation for his help and encouragement.

Samplings of Mike’s experience include: Two-time Entrepreneur, Branding, Creative Product Development, Literary Agent, Writer, Web Development, Marketing, Pastoral Ministry (Church Growth), Communications, Video, Missions, Music, Conference Speaker.

Mike’s successfully traveled many roads, but there’s a common theme – helping others get to the next level in their journey.

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