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What Churches and Ministries Can Learn From Elections: The Proudness Factor

I’m fascinated by both the world of presidential politics because I’m fascinated with how brands influence people. In recent months we’ve seen relentless advertising and 24-hour media coverage of the election. It’s a battle for hearts and minds. Make Me Proud One of the most significant stories in past presidential race has been the debates […]

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Publishing Data Proves We’re On Target with E-Book Tech

Two years ago we saw the writing on the… tablet. With our exclusive partnership with Enhanced E-book pioneer, Vook, and recent App development  like our work for Dicks Sporting Goods, recent industry reports show we’re on track to help our publishing/self-publishing clients. Some highlights: • 31% of eBook publishers are now producing enhanced eBooks • is the […]

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The Re-birth of the Author Book Tour – Fansourcing

For years, publishers have been scrambling to keep up with the technology push that is every evolving.  I get roughly one call a month from an author saying, “can you help our book sell more units?” That is the toughest question to answer in this book landscape.  Book marketing is every evolving as much as publishing […]

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Half of Online Americans use the Internet for Religious Purposes

Here’s some new research from Ron Sellers, Many implications, but this again raises the bar for churches and ministries to take a fresh look at their online presence. We all need outside perspective. (Hint, Hint…) A few standouts: · 17% of respondents have visited the website of a church or place of worship they […]

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13 Days before Appearing on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Having our client Devon Franklin appear on Super Soul Sunday is a huge honor.  We have been working with Devon for the last year with the initial launch of his hardcover.  Devon has worked harder than any author we have ever represented in our 13 year history.  To say he has done everything possible is […]

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Does Your Brand Freak You Out?

Or are you comfortable with your brand? Yeah, I know the word “brand” means different things to different people. But for this discussion, let’s say brand = logo, photo, and web site. If someone handed you the keys to a new Bentley automobile or a seaside villa, how would you feel when you walked up […]

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