Inside The Huffington Post

Getting face to face time with bloggers is always important for book marketing as well as book publicity.  It helps you get to the top of any slush pile which never hurts.  Recently I (Scott) had the opportunity to meet up with several editors from the Huffington Post and walk through their newsroom as well.

It was eye opening to see how hundreds of bloggers all sit next to each other inches away.  It was also just as fascinating to see the stacks of books piled high around each of their desks.  We have said before, media outlets can get up to 100-300 books a day sent to them.  Hanging inside the newsroom were about eight, 50 inch flat screen televisions running all the news stations’ broadcasts with the sound off.

Here is a birds-eye view of one of the bloggers desks. Explains quite a bit right?

Whether you like the Huffington Post or not and read their blog you really can’t deny the fact that they get more traffic than the NY Times with numbers upwards of over 250 million unique visitors a day.


Written by Scott Spiewak

Scott Spiewak

Scott and Julie have handled hundreds of institutional media projects, events and authors for strategic market positioning, branding, and media placement. They’ve had the privilege of executing successful national communication campaigns and NY Times Bestsellers. Their clients routinely appear on top-rated shows. Our team approach is known for producing results. More importantly, we are known for how we accomplish our results: with excellence, integrity, professionalism, enthusiasm, and effectiveness.

  • Scott – this so totally rocks! A picture’s worth a 1000 words and your efforts are impressive as always! I hope our readers understand the importance of both faith AND works (or should I say hard work) when it comes to getting their message out!

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