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Making Your Writing Sing Like the Beatles

I’m no songwriter, but I remember when I first discovered the Beatles. After listening a few times, I could hum the tune and was instantly hooked. Why was this? What made John, Paul, George, and Ringo so epic? The same answer is true for what makes a good writer. Eventually, I realized why their songs […]

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The Secrets to 5 Million Copies – Behind the Bestseller Heaven is for Real

We had the privilege of speaking with the literary agent behind the Heaven is for Real sensation that has been a run a way bestseller.  Joel Kneedler and I crossed paths about a decade ago during his stint at Multnomah Publishers in Sisters, Oregon.  The title of the book we talked about the day we met […]

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Beautiful Outlaw – A Book Review

Vaughn Street client Ransomed Heart sent me an invite to review John Eldredge’s newest book, probably because I’m on their boot camp list – and got a free signed copy!  Sweet. The “catch” is I blog about it…  Here we go! —— My life was deeply impacted by the writings of John Eldredge, long before […]

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Our Interview with Hollywood Executive DeVon Franklin

DeVon Franklin is a rarity.  As Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures (Sony) he is not only one of the few African-American studio executives in Hollywood but also a studio executive who is vocal about his Christian faith.  At Sony he has guided several blockbuster projects including The Pursuit of Happiness, The Karate Kid, […]

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When Faith and Marketing Collide

The original Vaughn Street is a leisurely stretch of country road near Springville, NY.  In contrast the company Vaughn Street is more of a busy intersection of culture, faith and communications.  This is where the action is.  I’d like to think we navigate it pretty well for our friends. But intersections by nature also contain […]

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