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Do You Want a Breakthrough or Are You Insane?

Having worked with 100’s of businesses, ministries, writers, artists and musicians I’ve seen my share of discontent and frustration. In fact I’d say most felt under-appreciated, under-rated, underpaid, under-utilized, etc. My question to them is always:  so, what are you doing about that? Most of us have heard this saying:  ‘doing the same thing over […]

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eMail Is Not eDead

Have you heard the “Nobody uses email anymore” buzz? I was skeptical, but now I’m convinced that email is far from dead. Check out this chart from E-Media, based on Pew Research data. RSS and social media followers are great, but studies show that “conversion” of these people is more difficult. Check out this link […]

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Tell, Don’t Talk (Why you Should Go Ahead and Brag)

We boast about our clients and projects on this blog.  It’s a deliberate act under the influence of marketing.  Sorry for the honesty but we’re hoping that the important work we’ve done for others can also be done for you.  And we hope that by giving away these success stories, you can glean some useful […]

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5 Reasons Why eBooks Will be a Thing of the Past

Everyone knows tablet sales are through the roof and eBook sales are the only thing really saving Barnes and Nobles right now.  My honest opinion though is enhanced eBooks will dominate the book market in less than the next two years. Here is why that will happen.  More and more the multimedia experience is dominating any […]

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Flames, Shouting and Glaring Lights: If I’m going to be on the Board of a ministry…

…that is the kind I want to be on! Crowds of believer’s singing anthemic Jesus creeds, 40 foot flames, a twirling drum set played by a teenage rocker-girl who loves God’s Word, in a band led by a faithful husband/wife team (doing that in a successful touring band is pretty much unheard of unless…it’s committed […]

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Playing the Twitter Numbers Game

Starting to hear rumblings that echo my own questions about the “Twitter Game”. A client recently related that she saw what was going on with the “obligatory retweets and mentions” among her peers. It seemed disingenuous to her, and a disturbing part of “climbing the Christian social ladder.” Let me put it bluntly. Do you […]

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