Dani Johnson on ABC’s “The Secret Millionaire”

Dani John - ABC's "The Secret Millionaire"

Grooming the Next Generation for Success was seen last night on ABC’s new reality show ‘The Secret Millionaire’. It was more than rewarding to see Dani Johnson on the show having had the pleasure of personally working with her promoting her book and helping her craft her brand message into as many media platforms as possible. I can vouch that she is authentic and has a heart of gold.

Not only was it rewarding to see her on the program but impressive to think about all the good she did. It made me and my children want to get out and do more in our own community.

Do you serve anywhere in your local community? Does that make you feel good or stir you to help others more?

Reflecting on all the work that went into Grooming the Next Generation for Success and digesting what a road and process it has been in getting book exposure, it confirms the truth that some books and brand messages take time to develop and take root in new audiences. Certainly this is becoming a life message for Dani and perhaps a brand of its own, revealing Dani’s true heart. One can never predict when a book will take hold or quantify sales but it is certain that hard work always pays off.

Written by Julie Spiewak

Julie Spiewak

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