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Rob Bell’s Love Wins – But Do His Interviews Win?

Real Time Media Coaching By now I’m sure you’ve read the controversies surrounding Bell’s new book. I’m not here to debate the theological stance he’s taking like so many other bloggers; I’ll leave that to the scholars and public. What I am interested in is his ability to give a good interview, to clearly articulate […]

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Dani Johnson on ABC’s “The Secret Millionaire”

Grooming the Next Generation for Success was seen last night on ABC’s new reality show ‘The Secret Millionaire’. It was more than rewarding to see Dani Johnson on the show having had the pleasure of personally working with her promoting her book and helping her craft her brand message into as many media platforms as […]

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Dramatically Increasing Your Creative Output

Erik Ticen: A lot of creative types have dreams of hitting it big with their art. What advice would you give them Mike as they consider launching their first signature project? Mike Loomis: Years ago, I worked with many aspiring musicians and bands as a drummer, a small studio operator, and creating graphics and marketing […]

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More TV is Viewed Online than on the “Tube”

It was bound to happen any day, so not much shock here… PWC Study: More TV Now Viewed On Computer Than TV I found this finding from the study interesting: “Not surprisingly, the 44 and under crowd do the majority of that digital viewing, but even the 45-59 age group was close to even, with […]

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Landing A Top Rated National Interview

If you have a story you want to tell, you want press. Top rated press. At the end of the day, interviews will help you exponentially reach more people with your message. There are many approaches to landing a national interview; however, there’s one important way that’s discussed less frequently in today’s new media world. […]

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