Shop Talk With Best Selling Author John Eldredge (part 1)

John Eldredge Wild at Heart Interview

Want your message to be heard? We are very pleased to provide this must-hear interview with John Eldredge as he speaks with uncommon ease and frankness about what it takes to write a best-seller, how and why ministries succeed or fail, sorting out true callings and motivations, marketing, newer technologies (twitter, iPad, etc) and more.

I hope you’ll pass this along to pastors and friends. ‘Cause to tell the truth, people pay a LOT of money for this kind of coaching – and it’s right here, free from a transparent (& at times controversial) guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and speaks plainly and lovingly. Rare qualities indeed.

Many thanks to our Team Member Erik Ticen for his talents as a story teller, friend and “interviewer”. -HV

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(Note: Depending on your computer, this 20 minute interview may take a few seconds to load)

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Written by Erik Ticen

Erik Ticen

A student of branding and visual storytelling, Erik has spent the last decade architecting media projects for some of the nation’s largest non-profit organizations. He is also an accomplished television producer having created award winning documentary programs viewed throughout the world. In addition, Erik has served on the Church Media Committee for the National Religious Broadcasters and has been blessed to conduct several workshops on the topics of telling your story and media production.

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