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What Are People Doing With Your Creation? Learn From The Toymaker

Just heard a great quote from Horst Brandstätter, the owner and CEO of the famous German toy company Playmobil. (You’ve played with their toys… maybe you still do) Because of their creations’ continued success around the world, someone asked him “What’s your secret? What do your toys do that’s so interesting?” He replied: “It’s not […]

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New Media or Old – It’s All About Providing Value

Vaughn Street’s sister company Eastco Worldwide has a slogan that says, “Communicating Your Value To The World.” If expanded, it might also be said, “Communicating Your Value with Media of Value.” Media that is valuable to the world. Looking back on my last couple blog entries, I think some healthy perspective is in order. After […]

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Increase Your Confidence … with Humility

In my own life, and in working with clients, there is often a struggle between living confidently and living with humility. We hear good teaching about being confident that seems to erode our concept of humility – and vice versa. This keeps many people stuck. Here’s what has proven helpful for people who have a […]

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GLO Bible with Max Lucado

TV program for ECPA Bible of the Year What do Max Lucado, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association and Vaughn Street have in common recently? Teaming up with one of the today’s most innovative companies, Vaughn Street is honored to have produced a new television special for Immersion Digital and their revolutionary new product Glo. The […]

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Christian Music Summit 2011 @ The Chapel

Visit the Site Contact Us The Eastco Group will be Presenting Your Church Graphics Don’t Have To Be Lame! (Part 1): One person does the church website, someone else does the videos, a volunteer is doing graphics for the children’s ministry, another is doing logos, and on it goes — resulting in graphics, communications and […]

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Branding and Marketing Expert, Holt Vaughn, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With New Book, “Counter-Attack”

Holt Vaughn, communications expert and author, recently hit’s Best-Seller List with the new book, “Counter Attack,” climbing to #2 in the Direct Marketing category. Orchard Park, NY – February 2, 2011 – Branding and marketing expert, Holt Vaughn, recently joined a select group of America’s leading entrepreneurs and businesspeople to collaborate and co-write the […]

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