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The Climber’s Lesson: The Most Important Step In Reaching Your Goal

William Hutchison Murray, a Scottish mountain climber, decided to climb the Himalayas in the 1950’s. That might have been his greatest achievement. Not the climbing. The deciding! Here’s what he wrote: “We had definitely committed ourselves and were half-way out of our ruts. We had put down our passage money – booked a sailing to […]

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Search Engine Optimization: Tips for Higher Rankings and Increased Response

Does your company have a business strategy for 2011? Does it involve PR and getting more customers, sales, and visitors to your website? Maybe you’ve heard about the business strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but you aren’t entirely certain what that means or involves, or how it can help your business grow. In reference […]

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How Different Generations Use the Internet

Pew Internet just released its second report on how various age groups use the internet and there are several trends worth noting. I like the fact that they separate “Older Boomers” from “Younger Boomers”, because there are significant differences (and because I can NOW call myself a “Younger Boomer”… SO close to a GenX!). A […]

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Media Myths Every Ministry Must Bust!

Video rules, especially on the web. Are world class production values even necessary anymore? Is TV a dying medium? Social Media marketing is the magic bullet we’ve been waiting for (or is it?) Fasten your seatbelt. A new year is upon us! To go to the next level, ministries will have to bust some media […]

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Answer the Question: Why do people support you?

A few weeks ago I wrote about preparing to thrive in “The Age of Free”. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, with content populated/updated entirely by users (for free). Each year they make a special appeal for funds, and this year’s appeal brought in sixteen million dollars (Read the response from the founder HERE). Some […]

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Dr. Nathan Baxter: You Can’t Become Anyone You Want

We’re honored to feature a post from our client, Dr. Nathan Baxter, of Lead Self Lead Others. He’s a leadership expert who works with business and church/ministry executives around the world. You can follow his unique blog-drawings at: (for churches and ministries) and for business. No one likes mediocrity. But many Christian leaders […]

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