Social Marketing Predictions for 2011

The week after Christmas should be called the Week of Lists. The best of 2010. The summaries of 2010. The best lists predicted for 2011. Why do we love lists so much?

In the clutter, here’s a comprehensive and valuable list to check out concerning our industry to get you geared up for the next year.

And here’s a short one from #1 NYT best selling author Tim Ferriss. He lists his Four Social Media Marketing Predictions for the next year. Obviously, the first one caught my eye about the maturing of social video marketing. Tim’s beautifully crafted 30-second commercial almost single handedly pushed his book up to #30 on the Amazon list.

YouTube has become a marketing force to be reckoned with. But keep this in mind. Just randomly placing any video on YouTube is not a magic bullet to marketing success. As we always say on this site, any video your ministry puts out there must be smart, strategic, and professionally produced. Sure, some celebrities can get away with a crummy self-shot video blog. But for 99% of professional organizations, great video beats out average video every time.

Written by Erik Ticen

Erik Ticen

A student of branding and visual storytelling, Erik has spent the last decade architecting media projects for some of the nation’s largest non-profit organizations. He is also an accomplished television producer having created award winning documentary programs viewed throughout the world. In addition, Erik has served on the Church Media Committee for the National Religious Broadcasters and has been blessed to conduct several workshops on the topics of telling your story and media production.

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