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Social Marketing Predictions for 2011

The week after Christmas should be called the Week of Lists. The best of 2010. The summaries of 2010. The best lists predicted for 2011. Why do we love lists so much? In the clutter, here’s a comprehensive and valuable list to check out concerning our industry to get you geared up for the next […]

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How To Prepare For The Age Of Free

I can’t paste this thought-provoking cartoon out of respect for Dilbert’s copyright policies. In fact I even sketched this self-portrait that just HAPPENS to bear a slight resemblance to Dilbert, so as not to violate any laws. But others may not be so scrupulous! So please click here to see the comic: There is […]

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No One Cares When You Play It Safe

Play it too safe and here’s what happens: Not much that anyone cares about. Why should they? People get the everyday-pabulum-status-quo-Entertainment-Tonight hype and bull(ogna) all day long in their texts, tweets, emails, TV, jobs, school, mail, church, and on and on. What people REALLY want is the unique, standout, different, edgy, weird, odd, noteworthy, risky, […]

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eReaders Help Fuel Enthusiasm For eBook Ads

This will come as no surprise but consumers have selective consumption. People selectively screen out a brand unless that brand makes itself known and gives them reason to engage. Consumers are already screening out most marketing efforts: iPod for music; satellite radio without commercials; TiVo for television; screening out pop-ups on the internet. All of […]

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One Quick Way To Go Nowhere Fast

Do you want to go nowhere fast or do you want to be in some fast company? You can play it safe, work hard to please all audiences, run around copying everyone else’s techniques, sound like everyone else. Or you can do the hard work and be the person God really made you to be […]

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A Simple Tip For Message Preparation

Spend time focusing your message and defining your story when preparing for an interview. What is it you really want to say? What is it people care about? What makes your message newsworthy? I learned a great technique to help you decide your three main message points to communicate: write the headline and the first […]

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