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How Do Others See Your Work?

I saw this book in Barnes and Noble today and had to snap a photo. Since it was in the bargain section, I suppose I’m not the only one that finds irony in an 800 page book written about how to read a 1200 page book (The Bible). Perhaps better targeted to seminarians, rather than […]

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The Importance of Video Messaging

With all the discussion currently centered on video and its multifaceted use within the viral space, we thought it would be helpful to pass on to our readers a blog originally conducted by Fresh Impact PR. Fresh Impact chatted with veteran producer and award winning Senior Video and Television Producer at Eastco Worldwide and California […]

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Godliness With Success?

Most of us know people in the “successful” category who range from mildly to ridiculously. I know someone who makes around 20+ grand/week if my memory serves me (give or take, it’s a tidy sum). And it’s not just about financial success – this person is an innovative leader in their niche and the envy […]

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Twitter Shows Us Real World Marketing

Check out this 2 minute video: How does this apply to my daily life? To my organization? What’s in it for me? Can I really use this, easily? This applies to services, products, …and your ministry!

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