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Questions in an Apology Demanding Culture

So with all the news about the moral and ethical transgressions of public figures, what questions do we need to wrestle with as faith-based communicators? First of all, how do we handle Public Relations in an apology demanding media culture? I think we can all understand why a public servant, such as a politician, owes […]

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Telly Awards Silver Council Honors

Two from our team recognized as judges for the 31st Telly Awards Competition Contact Us About the Council: The Silver Council is a membership based division of the Telly Awards. Members represent top advertising and production professionals that have won a Silver Telly (which is the highest honor in this contest) in the past, have […]

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Tiger Woods Admission of Guilt: Press Conference Faux?

Tiger Woods is scheduled to give a ‘press conference’ tomorrow at 11:00am. The only problem? No press is allowed to attend…Huh? After waiting three months for him to come out of hiding, Tiger has agreed to speak and offer a public apology, but on his terms – five minutes, no press, no questions – only […]

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The Ethics of Media Production

I have a friend who is a wonderful musician and pastor at a church that has been included in Outreach Magazine’s America’s 100 Fastest Growing Churches. Here’s a question Benji Cowart put on his Facebook: Here’s a question of ethics: if a singer only sounds great in the studio (with the help of Autotune) but […]

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E-Book Wars

This week and big-publisher Macmillan had an arm wrestling match. Amazon lost. Kindle devices, already feeling like yesterday’s newspaper after the iPad announcement, briefly flashed a sad-face emoticon. Here’s the story. Amazon wants to control (and keep low) the price of e-books (Sound familiar, iTunes?) But publishers don’t like being told what their books […]

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