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From Our Street to the Executive Suite

When you run a public relations firm, it’s always a pleasant surprise when you learn your next door neighbor is a freelance book reviewer at a major publication like USA Today, who also happens to write for The Seattle Times. I know a hundred + publicists who would give their right arm to be in […]

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Ingredients in a Bestseller

In 2002, obscure wife and government secretary, Julie Powell, hungry for satisfaction in her life, cooked 524 recipes from Julia Child’s Master the Art of French Cooking in 365 days – and wrote a blog about it along the way. That same year I moved across the country from NYC to the West Coast with […]

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Email is (not) Free

“Let’s switch to email, since it’s free”. Email is can be very costly, actually. For example: Email can be annoying, and it’s EASY to “Unsubscribe”. (Have you ever taken the time to opt out of a snail mail list? It’s not easy) We’re advising some of our clients to do more email, and advising others […]

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