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Can Less Be More? Christian TV

Question: What if some ministries stopped doing weekly broadcast programs, and took that budget and made one TV special? (Or four short films? Or 52 webisodes?) No agenda here – I don’t know the answer, but would love to hear your thoughts.

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The Back Door To National Media Exposure

We recently landed a story in Woman’s World magazine, hitting the shelves today. How did we do it? By opening the “back door”… For years we have maintained good relationships across the country with media moguls at all the National shows. It takes time and effort as well as some serious perseverance. The in’s and […]

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Mobile TV Micro Donations on Facebook – Oh My!

Someday soon your donor will be on Facebook via their mobile “phone”, while watching a “TV show”, and making a financial transaction with one click. You know, I have innate skepticism about new technology, (I like to see measurable results) but some interesting things are on the horizon. Facebook is testing a new payment system […]

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Christian Musician Summit

Hello everyone, today we are at the Christian Musician Summit sponsored by Kingdom Bound and CMS, with Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown and many other amazing people. We’re doing two workshops on Branding Yourself, Your Band Your Music. Feel free to post your comments on the event and what you learned from it or […]

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Interview with a Chart Topping Engineer Part 2

Check out Part 1 of our Interview with Will Kennedy in our post from 4/30/09. Here is Part 2: 2. How did you get started as an engineer? It was a long journey. But the short version is that it was a passion I discovered while studying at Berklee College Of Music. I was a […]

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Working on a Hollywood Film…

If you go to the trouble to build a studio, you want to go for some big fish. We had a chance to do that, and to pray with some film makers in the process (I even handed out some John Eldredge books – we just got through producing a great John Eldredge shoot in […]

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