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Interview with a Chart Topping Engineer Part 1

We learned a long time ago that when presented with the opportunity to learn from really successful people, you take it! A few weeks ago our studio had the privilege of working with Will Kennedy who engineered the album All Sides from the band OAR. The song Shattered from that album reached the top 10 […]

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Wise as Snakes and Innocent as Doves

“It’s not how you start the race, it’s how you finish that counts.” We’ve all heard that quote several times. Well, in the digital media age that saying carries more weight than ever before. Let me explain. A while back I was researching a certain minister who was looking for some media consultation. I knew […]

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Nashville Musings Part Deux: Are you a cool place?

Today is “Record Store Day”. 1000 stores and 600 artists participate with in-store signings, performances, contests and special music product offerings. It has been going on for just a couple years and is growing. It appears besides the internet there will be some vestiges of brick and mortar independent record stores around for awhile. Probably […]

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Nashville Musings, Marketing & Miracles: Part One

Check out a great piece of marketing – the VW van of the Mellow Mushroom restaurant in Franklin, TN. They have a place in downtown Nashville too. I spent this past week in Music City working on several projects. On the way home I was in the Country Music TV store in the Nashville airport […]

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What’s Next for Digital Music Downloads

Holt Vaughn was recently interviewed for E-Commerce Times to comment on the current state of the music industry and the variable pricing model currently being used by Amazon and Apple. E-commerce Times covers business and tech news getting 4 million hits a day. Click this link to view the article:

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A Genuine Brand Will Stand the Test of Time

I caught Dr. Oral Roberts on TBN the other night with his eldest grandson, Jon Oral, preaching about seed time and harvest. My husband Scott and I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Roberts when our firm handled his autobiography, Expect a Miracle. Accompanying him to Larry King, Good Morning America, and the other shows […]

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