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The New Media Smorgasbord

I’m a sampler by nature. Which is exactly why I love eating at buffets. I’m bored after three forkfuls of rice pilaf. It’s true of my media consumption habits too. Earlier this week I drove to Michigan and back with a large stack of audio books. About every 20 minutes or so I’d swap disks […]

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Traditional Media is Not Dead

Many meetings and emails these days seem to highlight viral marketing strategies as the latest and greatest trend out there. In fact, some have gone so far as to proclaim the death of traditional media. Believe me, I’m one of the biggest advocates of viral marketing. However, during a recent meeting I found myself convincing […]

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It’s Not YOUR Website

You are the BEST person to oversee your web site… And, you are the WORST person to oversee your web site. Does Rupert Murdoch (CEO of News Corp: Fox, Wall Street Journal, MySpace, etc.) care how his web sites LOOK? …Maybe, a little. Does he care if VISITORS like his web sites? …With a passion! […]

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Have A Communication Response Plan Ready Before Crisis Strikes

It has always amazed me how few Christian organizations have a communication plan ready to activate when a national, local or organizational catastrophe hits. I remember switching to several religious media outlets hours after the attacks on 9/11. Same old paid programming – business as usual. A few days ago Matt Gould, Executive Producer for […]

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The Future of Journalism

Read an amazing article (ironically online) from Time Magazine entitled “How To Save Your Newspaper.” The whole concept of what is going on with newspapers right now has been fascinating to me. Since roughly early last year we have been paying very close attention to that industry for obvious reasons. For years print – and […]

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When Weird is Wonderful

My sister sent me a set of Gumby and Pokey action figures last Christmas. I was so excited I even sang the theme song! Dog the Bounty Hunter is a strange show. But that doesn’t stop my wife and me from watching it. (Is he the only real man left on television? OK – he […]

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