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Phil Cooke on the Future of Traditional Media

I recently pulled media consultant, producer, author and Vaughn Street friend Phil Cooke aside to chat about the future of large TV platforms. Here are some highlights from our interview… Given the news of long time TV legend Oprah calling it quits, is this a sign of the times with traditional TV outlets gearing up […]

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A Charlie Brown CHRISTmas

I am packing to take another trip across the country for a 2 hour meeting with a cool well-known mega-mega-church pastor. He has good doctrine, creativity galore. I am psyched but very busy. And the TV says “major storm heading our way”. I take a break with my fam to catch the warmth of the […]

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Another Example Why Local Media Matters

Filtering different calls that come our way for projects I find myself many times feeling like a ‘broken record’. But as we see in a national story that broke loose here in Seattle the PR mantra for years that we have said still rings true, “local media mixed with national media can make for a […]

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Physical Media Still Thrives. Why?

What percentage of music is bought via digital download? If you believed all the attention iTunes has received in recent years you’d think 80% of sales came through the web. But only about a third of the music bought in 2009 was downloaded. Yep, the vast majority of music is purchased on CD. Physical media […]

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The Secret to Success: To Hell with Fashion! (part three)

[Continued from Tuesday’s post] I think about pop fashion a lot when it comes to music and the arts in general. While it is true there is “nothing new under the sun”, it is also true we are the ones with the Creator living within us, yet often we hand our creativity over to the […]

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The Secret to Success: To Hell with Fashion! (part two)

[continued from yesterday] OK, so I’m not a fashonista. I’ve always and still do wear well-worn approximations of bell bottom jeans ‘cause I like them, and I like to wear unique shirts like I had when I was 17, unsaved, very long hair, playing in a rock band. I wear these ‘cause I like them. […]

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